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Silver River Center for Chair Caning

chair caning
9 CURVE studios & garden
#9 Riverside Drive
Asheville, NC 28801
Artist: 828.707.4553

Brandy Clements and Dave Klingler are proud to announce the opening of Silver River Center for Chair Caning...the nation's only chair caning school and museum! In keeping with their mission to push chair caning into a mainstream audience, they have re-branded and are expanding their restoration business to include a Caning School that will offer regular classes in all styles of chair caning as well as internship and apprenticeship programs for high school and college aged students. Their museum will incorporate a permanent collection of historical examples and a rotating selection of chairs from across the globe, chairs made by local Appalachian craftsmen, and chairs woven by caners in the US. Email photos of your chairs to or call Brandy at 828-707-4553. and scroll to the bottom, to enter your email and receive updates.