the river arts district everyday.

Pattiy Torno @ CURVE
6 Riverside Drive
NC 28801

Pattiy Torno has been designing and making clothes for over 40 years... first just for herself starting in junior high... then in college @ Virginia Commonwealth University & Parson's School of Design. Pattiy started making clothing for other people in 1980 after working for several years in the garment district in New York. In 1984, she relocated to Asheville, NC and is still here.

Pattiy's Eclectic Clothing line is designed with color + pattern = comfort in mind. While always working in knit fabrics, Pattiy creates casual skirts, tops & dresses that go "in the washer, the dryer & your suitcase".

You can find Pattiy sewing in #6 CURVE studios & garden most days... with the studio @ CURVE open 7 days a week at least 11am to 4pm.