the river arts district everyday.

John Mac Kah
191 Old Lyman Street
Asheville, NC 28801

John Mac Kah, an accomplished and longtime painter in Asheville's River Arts District, offers many classes and workshops throughout the year. A sampling of his offerings include:

  • The Well Crafted Painting: Materials Class for Oil Painting
  • Texture: Painting foliage, grass, bark, rocks, and
  • Let's Get Real: High Definition Painting

John instructs his student in his signature realistic oil painting style in his studio at Cotton Mill, 122 Riverside Drive, or on location in the Blue Ridge Mountains. John also runs weekly art sessions: drawing on Wednesday evenings, painting studio/lab on Thursdays, and an assortment of art outings or concentrations on Saturdays. Take your painting plein-air with John!

Check John's studio website or call for more details and availability.