the river arts district everyday.

Odyssey Center/Ceramic Arts
236 Clingman
Asheville, NC 28801

Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts and Odyssey Studios have been the home of professional and amateur ceramic artists (and everyone in between) for over ten years on Clingman Avenue.

Workshops taught by renowned ceramic artists like bring potters to the River Arts District in droves during the summertime. A walk down Clingman Ave. on a hot summer day promises a street filled with the buzzing energy of a class learning new and exciting clay techniques or, spellbound, watching a demonstration by their workshop instructor.

Odyssey Studios feature the workspace of Resident Artists and a few private studios, for ceramicists who prefer a community of artmakers. A gallery of ceramic art rotates its exhibits throughout the year, always offering a fresh look at contemporary clay art that celebrates form and function.

Chances are, you'll find Brian McCarthy, owner of Highwater Clays and the Odyssey Center, in his office at Odyssey at 236 Clingman Ave, coordinating all the inner workings of the School and Studios. Did you know that you can take a tour around Odyssey any day of the week they're open? There's always someone on duty to show you the space. Also, there's a little retail store on the Studio side (a mini Highwater Clays!), in case you need a bat or a special clay tool. Go get your hands dirty with a little clay inspiration!

Odyssey Studio ceramic artists include:

Bailey Arend, Denise Baker, Stephen Biggerstaff, Elaine Buss, MaryJane Findley, Kate Gardner, Ginger Graziano, Ned Guttman, Lucy Hazlehurst, Anna Koloseike, Nick LaFone, Sheila Lambert, Adele Macy, Les McCormick, Mariana Menge, Kat McIver, Susan Musi, Dyann Myers, Michael Perry, Ashley Roberts, Christine Sams, Marlena Wimsett, Sandra Wright & Mike J. Zukoski...